We bring order to your revolution. 


When it comes to creating stunning graphics for your business, we have enough knowledge of coding and website platforms to explore all possibilities. We are free to experiment and showcase your creativity to manifest your vision, while implementing techniques for efficiency and optimization. 

 Responsive Design

FreeThink develops platforms that scale and resize fort all devices ensuring a user’s experience is consistent and easy. 

Interactive Website Artistry
We develop websites with grace and passion, ensuring transitions are smooth and artful while maintaining usability for optimal experience. We are passionate about building websites with intuitive design,
 details that are pleasing to the eye,
so you’re always attracting customers. 


Three samples of smooth transition & movement woven into the fabric of our sites.

Hand Crafted Multimedia


High profile/high functioning website design for the Pepsi Superbowl “Brown and Bubbly” website. In three weeks, we created a fully interactive media player where users can upload their heads and see themselves in the video.



UI/UX – User Interface Design & User Experience

A four year project dove into the intricacies of the transportation logistics industry, where freight brokers utilize  TMS software to deliver goods faster and at higher profit margins.


Character and Environment Creation

 The process of character modeling for video games relies heavily on computer software applications that allow artists to build a three-dimensional character from digital wireframes and virtual clumps of clay. FreeThink has enjoyed supporting several industry leaders with fine art renderings and illustration (GameCock Media, and others)

E-Learning & Video Production 

Green screen techniques allow FreeThink to drop in whatever background image desired behind the actors. It’s used in film production to place the desired background behind the subject, actor, or presenter. We use green screen to create engaging learning tools and rich media presentations for better retention.

Left: Green screen shoot for State of Texas Breastfeeding Initiative


Print Design

Clients Past & Present