Indeed, we are the heros of our own story.

While we manifest magic, we also measure success.

Case studies are vastly under leveraged, and often more effective than brochures and traditional sales collateral.  Case studies tell stories about your brand, evoking emotion, creating conversations and sticky power. There’s no better method of storytelling in business than using your customer’s voice in a data-backed case study and that’s why we tell our own tales, and leverage them for our customers.

Pepsi Super Bowl Website

Client – We all know this popular soft drink brand who decided to step up their marketing efforts with a quirky high-tech website for the Super Bowl.

Need – Pepsi’s ad agency had a wild idea for a microsite to compliment their 2006 “Brown and Bubbly” Superbowl ad campaign. It would include custom mock music videos with an interactive component that allowed users to upload their face to replace the singer’s. The only problem was that they had this brilliant idea less than three weeks before the Superbowl.

Solution – With no time to lose, three mock music videos were concepted, cast, shot, and edited over a single weekend. It was critical that the actors be shot so the singer’s face was facing camera, allowing the user’s photo to be superimposed correctly. Puppet like mouth gestures were layered on top for an extra realism and comic value. Within the next two weeks an entire microsite, complete with the custom “upload your head” component was built and tested. The site successfully went live on the day of the big game.

Over 90 million viewers were reached!

E-Learning Medical Initiative

Client – The State of Texas created a 10 step program to improve safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, and timeliness in healthcare delivery.

Need – After a long period of serveys, the state of Texas found that the long-term benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers are undisputed. Breastfeeding is linked to decreased risk for infant illness and mortality. It is also associated with reduced risk for maternal illness.  A new training initiative was needed to create awareness around the benefits of breastfeeding among hospital staff.  

Results – Alongside Enviromedia, the state’s agency in Austin, the team took charge and met the need in the form of an online video based training. The new awareness has resulted in staff  providing breastfeeding advice and instructions to patients. Since 2017, there are indications that facility staff consistently ask about and document mothers’ infant feeding decisions. Implementing the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding is a cost-neutral way to greatly increase the quality of maternity services in facilities throughout Texas. 

Animation for Charity (RED)

Client – (RED) is a charity organization started by U2 singer Bono to help eradicate AIDS in Africa. They are partnered with the largest corporations in the world and have raised over $60 million dollars in their first year.

Need – (RED) needed a 1 year commemoration animation that would showcase how far they’ve come and where they plan to go. It would play at fundraising events, parties, during TV promotions, and on their website. 

Solution – (RED)’s Ad Agency developed the copy and a rough outline of the style they wanted to incorporate. Once the perfect music was selected, animation production ensued, with collaboration from many talented artists
that helped it to work as both an informative and emotional piece, We think the final product speaks for itself.

Awareness campaigns have helped contribute to the decline in HIV by two-thirds in the last 10 years.

Training for NCAA

More than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes Reached

Client – The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a voluntary organization through which the nation’s colleges and universities govern their athletics programs. It is comprised of institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals committed to the best interests, education and athletics participation of student-athletes.

Need – The NCAA expressed the need to develop an educational, multimedia driven campaign, to help guide athletic administrators on how to promote alcohol awareness on college campuses. Another need was to find
a way to communicate rule and regulation changes from one year to the next.

Solution – For the alcohol awareness campaign, a presentation was developed with multimedia quizzes, video driven tutorials, and a workbook companion to reinforce the initiative. The section for rule and regulation changes was enhanced with animations and intuitive interactivity to help demo the organization’s new legislation
in a fun and dynamic way. 


E-Learning Lessons for iPayDebt

Client – iPayDebt Financial Services is a not-for-profit, charitable organization focused on helping consumers understand their financial options and responsibilities. They give consumers the tools they need to take control of their money through financial education.

Need – iPayDebt was looking for a way to turn their financial education curriculum into an online interactive presentation both in English and Spanish. They needed a stand alone component that would allow consumers to watch the lessons online and take quizzes to ensure their retention of the information.

Solution – Utilizing bilingual talent, all of the lessons were filmed in front of a green screen, then incorporated into a Flash presentation with synchronized animations. The lessons were housed in an online player that was custom built to incorporate specific user controls and a quiz that reports all information to iPayDebt, including user’s answers, user’s interaction, and user’s viewing habits.

“This was an incredibly tight deadline with a high profile client.”

Toby Schwartz - RealNormal Productions

Dyncorp Tradeshow Animation

Client – DynCorp International is a multifaceted, global enterprise that provides innovative solutions to the diverse technology and professional services needs of government and commercial industry worldwide. While they are a highly successful provider of critical support to military and civilian government institutions, they also have important commercial business in aviation, infrastructure development, security, and logistics.

Need – Tradeshows are an important part of DynCorp’s marketing strategy and in order to stay ahead of the competition they need to stand out. They came to us with the need for a dynamic visual presentation that would showcase their services and strengths and match the imagery and style of their web and print materials.

Solution – Utilizing bilingual talent, all of the lessons were filmed in front of a green screen, then incorporated into a Flash presentation with synchronized animations. The lessons were housed in an online player that was custom built to incorporate specific user controls and a quiz that reports all information to iPayDebt, including user’s answers, user’s interaction, and user’s viewing habits.

Online Training for Clarian Health

Client – Clarian Health is the largest and most comprehensive health care system in the state of Indiana. It is comprised of Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children, Clarian North Medical Center, Clarian West, and Clarian Arnett Hospital

Need – With the ever-changing hardware and software systems in hospitals, doctors and their staff are constantly being train ed and retrained in order to keep up. Clarian Health needed a way to make training efficient, effective, and
flexible for their new GE PACS X-Ray software.

Solution – Since flexibility and cost were the two highest priorities, this training program was built as a series of animations with voiceover. By creating a training program that could be easily modified and updated, but was still visually engaging and easy to follow, all of the client’s goals were met and the project was a glowing success.



Interactive Education for Blackbaud

 Client – Blackbaud is the leading provider of software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Clients include Hospice Austin, The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Coast Guard Foundation, Coastal Conservation League, Sierra Club of Canada, and more.

Need – With a constant need to educate its customer base on their current product lines, Blackbaud needs solutions
that are scalable and flexible. As a marketing tool they need to entice new customers, while teaching current clients
about new features and programs that will entice them to upgrade.

Solution – We developed several animated Flash presentations that are currently being used on their website and in multimedia presentations. They use professional voice-over, animated graphics, and video, combined into an overall experience that brings home the benefits of using Blackbauds products.


Kiosk Pitch for Best Buy Stores

Client – Best Buy Co., Inc. sells consumer electronics, home-office products, entertainment software, appliances and related services through more than 1,200 retail stores across the United States, throughout Canada and in China.

Need – Ever been to a store and experienced a really good salesperson? Someone who asked just the right questions, with the proper mixture of service and patience, to help you find the ideal product? Best Buy wanted to bring these shopping assistants to the interactive world.

Solution – A multimedia tool was presented, which questions the consumer’s underlying needs and interests, and helps narrow their search. To bring a human element into the experience, talent was filmed on green screen and incorporated into the interactive tool. The guide walks the user through each step of the process to help narrow their interests. The system engages and assists all types of consumers, from knowledgeable to novice, in a manner that offers personalized product and service recommendations based on their individual needs. This pitch was in partnership with igoDigital.