Recently, FreeThink orchestrated a photo shoot and developed an e-learning educational platform for the state of Texas, to help medical professionals understand the benefits of breastfeeding education in our hospitals.

For as long as there have been babies, breastfeeding has been the best choice for them. Breast milk protects babies against infections, reduces their risk for obesity, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood asthma, and childhood leukemia. And studies show mothers reap many health benefits from breastfeeding, too – including a reduced risk of some cancers and diabetes. Breastfeeding education may actually lead to major reductions in medical healthcare costs throughout our nation.

The success of breastfeeding hinges on the way a hospital or birth facility handles a newborn’s first minutes, hours and days of life. We know these actions have an enormous impact on whether the mother will breastfeed successfully. FreeThink helped build an online (Moodle based) training for healthcare providers. These administrators are in a unique position to help mothers with early and exclusive breastfeeding – giving babies a healthy start in life. The Ten Steps program has become a concrete care practice to help hospital facilities to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.